Game Walker Net - 1998.05.23

Machiko had a sore throat, so her voice was a little deeper than usual. Don read the announcements and corner introductions in place of Machiko.

The first corner was the game sale information corner by Sofmap Akihabara.
Dodge de Ball! (Playstation) was fourth, Cowboy Bebop (Playstation) was third, Guilty Gears (Playstation) was second, and FIFA Road to World Cup 98 (Playstation) was first.

Then they read some normal letters.

There was a letter about Pensacola, the foreign TV show that Machiko is doing a voice for. Then Don said that Machiko changes the character a lot. She even changed the character of Goto Ikumi (True Love Story), when Don was the director. He said that Machiko tried to make the character cuter than she was supposed to be. Don also heard that Machiko got scolded a lot for changing her character in the second episode of Pensacola.

At the ending Machiko apologized for her "bad" voice.

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