Game Walker Net - 1998.06.13

The opening gag was about the World Cup. Then Machiko said "F Cup". Don pointed out that Machiko wasn't a F Cup, and Machiko said, "If I had a F cup it would be too heavy to walk."

Machiko will have a video going on sale 6/21 called "Minimum" with "Set Me Free" and "Jibun no Ichiban". It's about 30 minutes and has clips of her live and rehearsals.

The first corner was the game sales corner by Sofmap Akihabara. Find Love 2 the prologue (Sega Saturn) was number 3 [this is a data disk, limited to 30000 copies], Jikkyou World Soccer World Cup France 98 (Nintendo 64) was number 2, Marie no Atelier Plus (Playstation) was number 1.

Langrisser 5 (the final game in the series) will go on sale next week. Machiko is in it.

The guest was Mr. Miyaji of president of ESP and Game Arts. He talked about the Lunar series. He wants to do a new game.

A person from Messaiya came and talked about Langrisser 5. All of the mysteries in Langrisser 1 to 4 will be answered in this game. The Langrisser goods will only be sold through mail order, or special events (like the Game Show). Machiko did the voice of the girl in the shop and female soldiers, in addition to her role of Princess Rosenshil.

There will be a new corner, "Machiko's swimsuit", where people send in designs for Machiko's swimsuit.

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