Game Walker Net - 1998.07.04

Ohno Marina
The first corner was the top game sales corner by Sofmap Akihabara. Dracula ? [Sega Saturn] was 5th, Slayers Royal [Playstation] was 4th, some soccer game [Sega Saturn] was 3rd, Seirei Shoukan (Princess of Darkness) [Playstation] was 2nd, Double Cast [Playstation] was 1st.

There were some letters about Machiko's video clip, Minimum. Someone pointed out the "tight" shirt that Machiko wore, and Machiko said that she didn't know that they were going to film the video that day.

Don read some letters about Machiko's swimsuit (swimsuits that listeners wanted Machiko to wear). Someone mentioned a "transparent" one..

Machiko said that she liked to wear yukata in the summer. Don asked if she wore anything underneath, and Machiko replied that some girls wear tank tops..

The guest was Ohno Marina, who does the role of Aya (a doll) in Nightmare Project Yakata Chime (?).

Marina said that she liked games, and plays a lot. Don asked if she plays "over 18" games, but Marina said that she didn't. She likes fighting games. But Machiko said that Marina likes girls too. Then Don said that they were "touching" each other earlier..

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