Game Walker Net - 1999.03.13

Don said his birthday is 3/15, and he will be 40.

The top 5 selling games at Sofmap Akihabara were: 5th Sonata (Playstation), 4th Yuukyuu Gensoukyoku Ensemble 2 (Sega Saturn), 3rd Yuukyuu Gensoukyoku Ensemble 2 (Playstation), 2nd Silent Hill (Playstation), 1st Psychic Force 2012 (Dreamcast).

They talked about Wonder Swan. It's selling well right now. They were also going to give some away as presents.

Then they talked about the Playstation version of Lunar 2 Eternal Blue. It's basically the same as the Sega Saturn version, but some of the effects are different.

Machiko and Don both said that they wouldn't be going to the Tokyo Game Show this spring.

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