Shiny Night - 1995.10.14

Thrill ni Koishite (Matsumoto Rica)
Kimi ga Daisuki (Kouda Mariko)
Shiny Day (Hisakawa Aya)
This was the first broadcast of the new show.

There will be a Sailor Moon movie this winter, and there will also be a movie featuring Ami.

Aya read a lot of letters.

Q: Is it still all right to talk about unko and such things?
Aya: Of course!

They played Thrill ni Koishite by Matsumoto Rica, which is the OP song to Dirty Pair Flash 2, and Kimi ga Daisuki by Kouda Mariko, which is the ED song.

There was a taped message by Matsumoto Rica, Kouda Mariko, Takachiho-sensei, and Mochizuki Tomomi, and they talked about the upcoming Dirty Pair Flash radio drama.

Then Aya played the "full version" of Shiny Day from her album Hikari. Aya said that this song always got cut off when she played it before.

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