Shiny Night - 1996.01.06

Nantoka Shinakya (Neya Michiko, Araki Kae, Hisakawa Aya)
Gun Smith Cats Trigger Happy episode 1
Aya: Time goes by so fast. It's 1996 already. It feels like 1995. Please cheer for me this year too.

Aya read a lot of letters.

There was a message by Neya Michiko and Araki Kae, as the Gun Smith Cats radio drama was going to begin.

Michiko and Kae: Happy New Year!
Michiko: This is a fun story with a great pacing. Please enjoy it.
Kae: I finally got the hang of May. In the first OAV, I didn't speak much, and the CD drama is a little different. So please look forward to May from now on.
Michiko: This is cool. Please look forward to it.

There was also a message by Mori Takeshi.
Takeshi: I'll be doing the radio drama of GSC too. It's different from the OAV, but it's a fun story.

Then there was a message of love for Aya by Michiko and Kae.

Michiko: How are you Aya? Aya's always eating in the studio. Please don't step in unko any more.
Kae: Aya-chan, I'm very hungry right now. This is a love letter from me.
Aya: How is that a love letter!? Well, how did she find out I stepped in unko.. Anyway I'll bring some food for Kae to the Sailor Moon recording.

Then she played Nantoka Shinakya by Neya Michiko, Araki Kae, and Hisakawa Aya.

The drama was Gun Smith Cats Trigger Happy episode 1.

Kono Michi ga Owaru Made ni, Aya's new CD single that goes on sale 2/1, was playing in the background as Aya said that they will give away one GSC T-shirt every week as a present.

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