Shiny Night - 1996.04.13

Ashita Sayonara (Hisakawa Aya)
Gun Smith Cats Cross Counter episode 2
Aya: Omedetou! Omedetou! Omedetou!

Aya had received letters from listeners regarding Inoue Kikuko's marriage.

Aya: When she decided that she was going to get married, she talked to me about it. She just released a picture book and asked people to buy it. Then she announced that she was getting married, so she was feeling very bad about that. But I told her that her fans would be happy to hear that she would be getting married. I really hope she becomes happy.

Then there was a letter from a listener: I bought oneechan's picture book the other day. When I saw that picture in the bathing suit (the one where her breasts have gone way beyond huge!), I thought that the only way you can beat that is a life-sized bathing suit poster or a T-back underwear picture. Please put in a very sexy, erotic bathing suit picture!
Aya: I don't know.. I'll be going somewhere for it. When you listen to this, I'll be in the sky.. Ha, ha, ha..

The Dirty Pair Flash stereo drama CD will go on sale 4/25. It will contain the song Ashita Sayonara by Hisakawa Aya.

Then Aya played that song.

The drama was Gun Smith Cats Cross Counter episode 2. [time: 13:50]

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