Shiny Night - 1996.04.27

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Gun Smith Cats Cross Counter episode 4
Aya talked a little about the things that happened in Italy.

Aya: It was fun. There were a lot of happenings. We left Japan at around 12:00, and arrived in Paris. Then there was a three hour wait before flying to Venice. That flight was around 1.5 hours. We arrived in Venice at around 9 PM.

Aya: It was a hard schedule. They have pretty long daylight hours. There were three days of work, and the last day was sight seeing.

Aya: There was a guide called Patricia. She had lived in Higashi Nakano for two years so she spoke Japanese.

Aya talked about wanting to go to the toilet when she was on a boat. She said that she couldn't hold it any more, but they were still around 30 minutes from the shore, so they chased all the guys out of the room. Aya still was uncomfortable and couldn't do it. Then she saw the island in the distance, and said that she would try to hold it until they got there. When they got to the island, Aya dashed for the toilet.

Aya said that they had Sailor Moon on TV. There was also Miracle Girls, Dragonball, and lots of other Japanese anime.

Then Aya played the Lupin III Dead or Alive theme song.

The drama was Gun Smith Cats Cross Counter episode 4.

Aya: On the plane home (from Paris to Japan), Jon Alegi was on the plane. There was a group of old Japanese women who went up to him. I felt sad and embarrassed. They should just leave him alone.

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