Shiny Night - 1996.12.28

Tsuki to Taiyou no Meguri (Hisakawa Aya)
Piisuke no Utau (Hisakawa Aya)
[information provided by Joe Petrow]

Aya read a lot of letters.

Aya played her song, Tsuki to Taiyou no Meguri, the ending song of the Lupin TV special.

Aya did part of a top ten Best Hisakawa Aya album list (actually, these were the songs that Aya said she had the best/strongest memories of) She counted down the songs and said a few things about them. They were:

  • 10. Shiny Day (from Hi-Ka-Ri)
  • 9. Rouge wo Hikou (from for you for me)
  • 8. Boku no Suki na Hito (from Aya ~ Toki wo Tsumuide)
  • 7. Akai Sunadokei (from Hi-Ka-Ri)
  • 6. Okonomiyaki GoGo (from for you for me)
  • 5. Sunday (from Hi-Ka-Ri)
  • 4. Piisuke no Uta (from Hi-Ka-Ri)

To my knowledge, this is the first time she has publically acknowledged the passing of Piisuke, but she didn't mention it directly. She said, "Aaah, don't cry everyone! Hisakawa is all better now. I'm sorry for worrying you."

Aya played a short part of each song, except for Piisuke no Uta, where she played most of the song.

The top three will be done next week.

Aya spent about half of the show talking about the songs, and other things. I wish she'd do more of that. She sounded really weird sometimes!

Cyber Formula has ended, and the new drama will be called Power Doll. Aya said, "The powerful doll! No, it has nothing it do with that, but that would be, this will be much better than that!"

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