Shiny Night - 1997.01.04

Kinmokusei (Hisakawa Aya)
[information provided by Joe Petrow]

Aya read a lot of letters.

One of the letters was dealing with the time-lag of sending in the letters and having them read. Usually it can be a couple weeks, but during the holiday season, they might record more than one week at a time. So it was necessary to send out the postcards early. But Aya pointed out that sometimes she doesn't have enough time to read all of the postcards that she chooses. So some of them slide over to the next week.

Power Doll, the new drama starting next week on Hisakawa Aya's radio show, is a story featuring nothing but young women. Tonight the seiyuu introduced themselves:

  • Hisakawa Aya (Hardy Newland)
  • Mitsuishi Kotono (Yao Feilun)
  • Yokoyama Chisa (Takasu Nami)
  • Nogami Yukana (Thelma Shere)
  • Nagashima Yuko (Alice Knox)
  • Amano Yuri (Julia Rayberg)
  • Orikasa Ai (Eolica Ignachef)
  • Kasahara Rumi (Cecil Felix)
  • Hikami Kyoko (Amy Pershing)
  • Shiratori Yuri (Millicent Evans)

Aya also announced the top three songs in her Aya Song Top Ten Countdown. I bet nobody guessed these:

  • 3. Kono Michi ga Owaru Made ni (from for you for me)
  • 2. Sakura (from for you for me)
  • 1. Kinmokusei (from Aya~ Toki wo Tsumuide)

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