Shiny Night - 1997.06.28

Detatoko Princess 12
? [Lupin III 1997]
Happy Birthday to Love (Hisakawa Aya)
[Summary by Joe Petrow, 2000.01.31]

First half of the show was a barrage of letters, most having to do with outdoor toilets. I don't transcribe toilet humor, but my favorite was the letter from somebody who wrote in about his time at camp when everyone would fill the stalls at the same time, and with a "Seiiiino!" all start emptying their bladders at the same time, making a sound not unlike a mid-sized waterfall. They also had a letter asking for the vital stats of one of the staff, and she proceeded to give her name, kanji, birthdate, height, bloodtype. One of the male staff chimed in with her weight, to which she replied with a shocked "That's exactly right!" But the one deep question of the night came from a guy who asked Aya and the staff, "If you love someone, and think only of them, but there is almost no chance that your love will be returned, can you still be happy?" Aya and the staff thought for a while, but came to the conclusion that this is something that has to be decided individually; if you are satisfied, then you can be happy, if not, you may need to look elsewhere. Aya proclaimed that "Shiny Night is changing!", but the "change" pretty much ended with this letter. They closed the first half with a song, the theme from the Lupin III 1997 special.

Second half of the show focused on the topic for the month: first. One girl wrote in that when she was going through puberty, only her right breast started hurting. When she told her mother, she became concerned and took her to the doctor. The doctor did a little this and that (the letter said "chotto shittari", which everyone got a big laugh out of), and said that the doctor said that she was just normally developing into a young lady. While she was happy nothing was wrong with her, she was so embarassed she couldn't look at the doctor. So she was embarassed that the first time she had been "felt up" happened so soon, and asked if Aya had ever had her breasts fondled. Aya said, "Well, I'm past 20 now, so..." Another girl wrote in to say that she was embarassed by the fact that her younger sister (three years younger) had her first period before her. Her younger sister had it in the 3rd grade, while she had hers late in the 6th. Aya said she had her first period in the 7th grade. Last letter was from a guy (what?) who said that he had his first kiss as a grade school student, when he said to his younger sister "I wonder what a kiss feels like. Wanna give it a try?" He even managed to slip her the tongue, which prompted a deep philosophical discussion between Aya and the staff on the difference between deep and french kissing, complete with sound effects by Aya...(^_^;)

They had the last episode of the "Detatoko Princess" drama, and introduced the new ending theme song for the show (Happy Birthday To Love), and also the topic for July (Confession)

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