Shiny Night - 1997.07.05

Seki Tomokazu
? (Sasaki Nozomu) [from his new album]
? (Shinohara Emi) [the new Lupin song]
At the opening, Seki Tomokazu yelled out, "Shining night!"
[a take off on G Gundam, "shining gundam!"]

Tomokazu had his first "experience" when he was 17. The girl was 23, a college student. Aya said she was much older..

Aya said that this was an open, honest radio show. So when someone asks, "Have you done it before?"
Aya answers, "Yes."

Tomokazu was born in Showa 47, and Aya in Showa 43. So Aya is older, but Tomokazu seems older than he is. Everyone tells Tomokazu that he looks older than he is.

Tomokazu does voice work, singing, stage work, etc, but he likes doing stage work the most.

Tomokazu is in the group Weiss.

Tomokazu likes to be busy. If he has free time, he just sleeps at home, so he likes to have something to do.

Tomokazu likes to be open. He likes to go direct so he won't reget it later. If he sees a girl he likes, he says, "ecchi shiyou." He will succeed with some, but most say no..

Tomokazu had a bag of adult videos, and Aya asked him to open it. There were 6 adult videos, and they read out some of the ecchi titles.. Tomokazu had gotten these videos from one of the staff.

Tomokazu will have a play on 7/18 - 7/21, with his group, Hero Hero Q Company. But the tickets are all sold out.

They played a song from Sasaki Nozomu's upcoming CD.

They also played the new Lupin TV special song by Shinohara Emi.

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