Shiny Night - 1997.07.19

Shinohara Emi (ĸ)
Hitomi wo Wasurenaide (Shinohara Emi)
[just doing the guest part]

The guest was Shinohara Emi. Aya and Emi said that they didn't see each other at all, since Sailor Moon ended.

Emi did the voice of Leon (a foreign movie) in the TV dub. Aya had done it for the video release.

Emi also did the voice of the heroine in this year's Lupin TV special. Aya had done it last year. Emi said that she was nervous when she did the voice.

Emi will release a mini album Missing Peace [or Piece]. It's a very new genre for Emi, the songs are "adulty".

Then they played Hitomi wo Wasurenaide, the ending song from the Lupin TV special, by Emi.

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