To Heart - 1998.04.10

Jibun no Ichiban (Toyoshima Machiko)
Machiko opened the show by reading a letter.

For people listening to Radio Osaka, it is a return of Machiko's solo radio show, but for those in Tokyo, it is her first solo radio show.

[This radio show is sponsored by KSS.]

The first corner was "Heart ni Smash", where Machiko read some letters. She explained about the title of the show "To Heart". It's based on the game of the same name. The playstation game is supposed to go on sale this fall.

Then Machiko introduced herself. She said that she was a seiyuu, doing voice work for foreign movies, anime, and such. She also sings songs.

As for her three sizes, Machiko said she only knows her waist.
Machiko: 59 cm.. girls usually say 1 cm smaller than it actually is, so maybe it's 60 cm. I'll measure my hip before next week. My bust.. I'll say three months from now.

Machiko said that she won't say any puns any more, and she won't say any ecchi things. But she doesn't mind if people write in ecchi things.

Then Machiko played her song Jibun no Ichiban.

Machiko said that she was looking for a new "catch phrase" for herself. Also they want to make a "Machirin kaisetusho" (Machirin instruction manual). The first part is the "preface" section.

[lots of CMs for Pink Pineapple OAVs..]

The next corner was "Toyoshima Machiko no Dei!" which was about cute girls in games. Instead of saying the name of the game (and girls), one had to use initials.. and one can say what one truly feels.

The next corner was "Machirin's Ai", where Machiko talks about what happened to her recently. Some serious stuff.. Machiko considers it a homework for herself.

The address for letters is:

To Heart

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