To Heart - 1998.04.17

Set Me Free (Toyoshima Machiko)
In the opening, Machiko talked a little about living alone. When she came to Tokyo, she went around to look around the neighborhood. She told the boys to cook.. But she admitted that she doesn't cook herself. She eats the food from the convenience store a lot. Machiko also told everyone (especially girls) not to play around a lot. She gave out "warnings" to girls who lived alone, saying that they shouldn't let guys come over, until one knows them well..

Machiko said that she lived at home when she was going to school.

Machiko said that she is sleepy a lot recently. Also her hay fever was gone, so she's feeling better.

The first corner was "heart ni smash", where Machiko read letters. But she introduced herself first. Machiko's junior high and high school was in Ibaraki. Then she went to Tokyo for college, at Meiji University. Machiko was in the tennis club during college.

As for music, Machiko likes Southern All Stars and Kahara Tomomi. She doesn't listen to foreign music much.

She said her salary is "secret". But it's different every month. When Machiko goes to get the money from the bank at the end of the month (she is usually broke by then), she is excited to see how much was put in..

Machiko would like someone to say, "tsukiaouka" (let's go out).

Machiko likes pudding, especially Morozoff brand.

She likes Dicaprio. (She saw Titanic.)

Machiko asked people to stick "print club stickers" on the letters they send.

Machiko said she likes dogs. She said that her personality is like that of a cat.

A listener asked if this program was going to be an "obscene" radio show like her Aoni senpai.. (Ginga ni Hoero and Shiny Night)

Then she played her song Set Me Free.

The next corner was "Machiko no Dei". Machiko said that she likes bishoujo games, and "love simulation" games. That's why she was doing this radio show. The type of girl Machiko likes is one with light skin, younger, and has a raccoon style face. Then Machiko sang a song about the type of girl she likes..

この頃はやりの女の子 konogoro hayari no onnanoko
色白 年下 たぬき顔 iro jiro toshi shita tanuki gao
こっちを向いてよ ギャル kocchi wo muiteyo gal
だってなんだか datte nandaka
だってだって なんだもん datte datte nandamon

[You can easily guess the melody.. (^_^;)]

The next corner was "Machirin's Ai". Machiko talked about getting into a fight with her mother..

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