To Heart - 1998.04.24

Machiko: What are you doing up at such an hour? Of course you're listening to the radio. Don't you get hungry at this time?

Machiko said that she has been eating cheese recently. She tried some of the foreign cheese, but didn't like it at first. But after trying some what was prepared properly, she liked it.

The first corner was "Heart ni Smash", and Machiko read many letters.

Machiko read some of the catch phrases that people sent in for her, and they will determine the winner next week.

Then Machiko read some of the entries for the "Machiko instruction manual" preface. The winner for this section will be chosen next week.

Machiko announced that she will have an event "Teatime Party" on 5/31, at the University of Tokyo. This is her first university festival event.

The next corner was "Toyoshima Machiko no Dei" (where they talk about bishoujo games). The first letter was about game "K", and the miko girl. Machiko wanted to go for the miko girl, but she ended up with the girl in the flower shop.. The next letter was about "TLS".

There was a letter from a listener who complained that a lot of the recent games were selling the characters of the game instead of the games themselves.

Machiko said that when she plays these games, she enters a boy's name instead of her own name.

The next corner was "Machirin's Ai".

It's Golden Week next week, but Machiko has to work. She will go to some events.

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