To Heart - 1998.05.01

Machiko said that she got her hair cut. But she didn't like how it turned out, so she wants her hair to grow quickly. She went to a new place, and didn't specify too carefully how she wanted to have her hair cut.

It was Golden Week, but Machiko said that she has to work almost every day. But it was mostly events.

In the "heart ni smash" corner, Machiko read some of the choices for her catch phrase. She chose "ashita ha watashi no kaze ga fuku". (Tomorrow, the wind will blow my way.)

Machiko also read some of the choices for the Machiko instruction manual "preface" section. She chose "Moritaka Chisato ni nitemasen". (She doesn't look like Moritaka Chisato.) The next section of the instruction manual is the "introduction of characters" section.

Then Machiko read some normal letters.

The next corner was "Machiko no dei", where they talk about bishoujo games with their initials.

Machiko said that she is interested in R.M.

There was someone who complained about how slow S.V. was at saving and reading the data off of the CD-ROM.

There was someone who played S.R.M. at the game center, and didn't get to push anything, as the girl won on her first hand! So he paid 100 yen to push the start button.

The next corner was "Machirin's ai". Machiko talked about her work. She started doing a dub of an American TV show called Pensacola. Machiko did the role of a 19 year old girl called Janine. She said it was very difficult. She said acting "naturally" was the hardest. But the final episode was coming up, and she feels a little sad.

Machiko said that she went to pachinko last week and found out that they had little TV sets, even with earphones. She was very surprised.

Machiko said that she started playing the "teku teku angel". (A game that measures how much you walk, and it "grows" some pet.)

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