To Heart - 1998.05.08

Machiko said that she was walking in Shibuya, and someone tapped her on the shoulder. She told Machiko that there was a sticker on her jeans. Machiko was wearing new jeans, and the sticker (with the size, etc) was stuck onto the back of the leg.

Machiko said that she dropped her "teku teku angel" into the toilet today. She picked it up right away, but it was filled with water and didn't display anything on the screen. But Machiko had received the Pikachu walking meter game, so she started using that.

The first corner was "heart ni smash", and Machiko read some letters.

Machiko said that her hip size was around 80 cm, but it changes depending on the day.. (A listener sent in a letter, because Machiko promised to say it during the second broadcast, but didn't.)

The next corner was "Machiko no dei". Machiko said that she likes the setting for D2, where the girl (YN) and boy lives together, and they like each other, but they can't do anything..

Then Machiko started talking about the places where the girls touched the boy. She said that when a girl touches a boy's hair, there is a good chance that she likes him. But when it girl touches a boy's hand, it doesn't mean anything.

The next corner was "Machirin's ai", and Machiko talked about her first solo live.

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