To Heart - 1998.05.15

Machiko opened with the following: "Recently, I'm 'love love'. His name is Sekiguchi-kun. I was with him last night too.."

Then Machiko talked about the various taxi drivers that she had run into, as she was taking the taxi a lot.

Then Machiko talked some more about Sekiguchi-kun. She said that she met Sekiguchi-kun in Osaka. It was a nuigurumi of an elephant.. that was named Sekiguchi Paoko (a girl). Paoko was with Machiko for this broadcast too.

The first corner was "heart ni smash", and Machiko read a lot of letters.

Machiko said that she drinks milk every day recently, as she feels she's lacking calcium.

The next corner was "Machiko no dei". The first letter was from a girl who liked bishoujo games. She was happy that Machiko liked these games too, as her friends thought she was weird for liking these games.

The next letter was from someone who said that the girls were cute, but their clothes were awful. Machiko said that she agreed. She said that many girls don't wear clothes that the young girls wear now.

Machiko gave out some information on To Heart. There's no information on the game yet, but there will be some special trading cards. The next three issues of the manga (Comic Daiou) will have original trading cards as presents (starting with the issue going on sale 5/18). Also volume 1 of the comics will go on sale this summer.

The next corner was "Machirin's ai". Machiko talked about doing game character voices.

The broadcast on 6/13 (on Radio Osaka) will be a live broadcast, and there will be some special corners for that.

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