To Heart - 1998.05.22

[I missed the opening..]

The first corner was "Heart ni Smash". The engineer forgot the sound effects when Machiko yelled "heart ni smash", so Machiko got confused. (^_^;)

There were a few letters from listeners who said they noticed that Machiko said "a" after reading the letters and before saying "good evening". They asked why, but Machiko didn't know that she had this habit herself..

So they made a new corner ("a no himitsu"), asking listeners to send in their opinions about why they thought Machiko said "a". During the broadcast, Machiko kept saying "a" when reading the greeting part of the letters. So she noticed herself, and said that she won't say it any more..

Machiko said that her room used to be messy, but once she cleaned her room, she got used to a clean room, so now she keeps it clean.

Some people wrote in saying that Hou-chan (Kuwashima Houko) stated that she would come invade this radio show. Machiko said that she is waiting..

There was a letter from someone who watched Pensacola. Machiko said that Pensacola was available at rental video stores, and she asked people to watch it.

Then Machiko read some letters for her instruction manual corner. The topic was "cast".

The next corner was "Toyoshima Machiko no dei". Machiko said that she wanted to try a gal-game that was made by women..

There was a letter from a guy who only liked ero-games. He wanted to know what happens after the confession in TM. He said how can you have a gal-game without "ero"..

There was a letter from a guy who said that FS in TM had the same name as his younger sister, so he couldn't get into the game. Then Machiko said that she wouldn't play the character if the guy had the same name as her father.

The next corner was "Machirin's ai", and Machiko talked about the radio show. She gets a lot of letters, but can't read all of them on the air. She can try to read them fast without commenting, so she can read more letters, but then she feels like she should have said something later on.

Also not all of the letters are those praising Machiko. So Machiko has started to think about how she can make the radio show enjoyable for more people.

The 6/13 broadcast on Radio Osaka will be a live broadcast. So 6/12 broadcast on Bunka Housou will be a different one. She wants people to try to listen to both of them..

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