To Heart - 1998.05.29

Machiko said, "I'm your vitamin tablet for your heart.." But then she coughed. Machiko said she had a cold. She got some medicine from the doctor, so she might be a little drowsy today.

When Machiko read a letter, she said "a" again.

The first corner was "heart ni smash", and there wasn't any sound effects again. [two weeks in a row]

Machiko read out the information on the live broadcast on 6/13 (Radio Osaka). The theme will be "pure love".

Machiko said that there "might" be a guest on the 6/12 broadcast. They are trying to book a guest right now.

Machiko will have a column in Ani Raji Grand Prix. The first one was due today, but Machiko hasn't finished it yet!

Machiko said that she rides taxis a lot, but she gets a lot of drivers who aren't feeling happy. But sometimes she gets a driver who had listened to her radio show.

Machiko said that her hands have started shaking.. (because of her slight fever)

Then she read some letters for the "introduction of characters" section of her instruction manual. The next theme for this section is "description of the controller".

The next corner was "Toyoshima Machiko no dei".

A few people sent in comments about "gal games".

A listener sent in a message saying that he didn't like it when the girls in the game didn't say the player's name. Machiko felt that way too. But since the player chooses the name, it's hard for the character in the game to speak it. It would be possible for the seiyuu to record each sound of the "a i u e o", and put it together to make the sound of the name. But Machiko doesn't like that, as there wouldn't be any feeling in the voice when the player's name is spoken. Machiko suggested that it might be possible for the game to have a pre-chosen list of names to pick from..

The next corner was "Machirin's ai", and Machiko talked about her room. Since it was getting warm, she wanted to change things in her room. Machiko said that ever since she started living by herself, she started to think a lot about interior design and such.

Machiko went to Osaka for an event, and walked through Umeda at night for the first time. She also went to Tsuutenkaku.

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