To Heart - 1998.06.12

Kuwashima Houko [by phone]
This was a special "Tokyo-only" version of To Heart.
[The Osaka broadcast was a "live" broadcast.]

Machiko called Kuwashima Houko on the phone, and Houko was a "guest" on the show. At the beginning, Houko talked in a very soft and cute voice, and Machiko didn't know if it was really Houko. They talked for around 7 minutes, just like how they usually talked on the phone. But Houko said that she felt a little nervous.

Then Machiko read some more letters for the "heart ni smash (part 2)" corner.

Machiko said that she wants to buy a computer soon. She wants to try the Internet and mails, because she is lonely at night by herself.

Machiko read some letters for the "Machiko no dei" corner.

Machiko gave out some information for To Heart. There are To Heart trading cards as presents in the Comic Daiou manga.

The next corner was "Machirin's ai". Machiko did a live at a University the other day. She sang at the head of the class, and the audience were seated in a classroom. Machiko said that she always wanted to be a teacher, so she was very excited. But when she stood there, she got very nervous and felt unsure.

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