To Heart - 1998.06.26

Machiko said that she had three band-aids.
[I missed the first two minutes, so I missed the part where she said why she needs the band-aids..]

The first corner was "heart ni smash", and she read a lot of letters.

Machiko said that she always eats a bento when she rides the shinkansen, when going to Osaka for an event. Then she reads a magazine for around 30 minutes. Then Machiko gets bored and looks out at the scenery. She also said that she sleeps on the way back.

Machiko said that she wants to watch the movie Deep Impact.

Machiko said that she likes Japanese cherries more than American cherries, but the American ones are cheaper so she buys those.

The next corner was the Machiko instruction manual, with the theme "using the controller". The next theme will be "how to take care".

The next corner was "Machiko no dei", and Machiko read some letters about bishoujo games.

The next corner was "Machirin's ai". Machiko said that she was planning to move soon.

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