To Heart - 1998.07.03

Machiko gave out some information on To Heart goods. The trading cards (that sold out right away) have been re-released. There are also going to be key holder figures of the To Heart characters. Machiko said that she likes key holders.

Then Machiko read some letters.

There were many letters asking for Machiko's bust size. In the first broadcast, Machiko said that she would tell her bust size after three months, and many listeners remembered it. She said that her cup wasn't A or B. Machiko said "world cup" and "coffee cup".. (^_^;) Then Machiko said in a very quiet voice that her size was around 80.

Machiko said that she can't drink much. She falls asleep. But she likes to go watch other people get drunk.

Machiko said that she worked part time at a bar mixing drinks when she was a student.

The next corner was "Machiko no dei", and Machiko read some letters about bishoujo games. The current debate was about "Is voice necessary for bishoujo games?"

The next corner was "Machirin's ai". Machiko said that she was going to go to Hokkaidou for the first time.

Machiko said that the cover of the next B-Magazine will be To Heart. Also Machiko will have some pictures and an interview in it.

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