To Heart - 1998.07.17

Machiko said she bought a red bicycle. She had been wanting a bike for around two years. She finally found a bicycle shop hear her house, but it was a very small shop. There were only three bicycles, and she had to choose from them. But there was one that she liked, a red one with an illustration of a flower.

Machiko said that she didn't give it a name yet. She had given names to all her previous bicycles: Marina-gou and Meibe (same as the object that Nausicaa flew on). She asked people to send in some good names for her bike.

Machiko read many letters for the "heart ni smash" corner.

Machiko said that it has been getting hot recently. Even though she leaves the window open, it's still hot. She doesn't want to turn on the air conditioner, because that it not good for her throat.

There was a question by a listener (first year of high school), "I have a girl friend, but I haven't kissed her or had sex with her yet. Which should I do first? Should I wait for the girl to say 'please do it', or should I ask?"
Machiko: You don't have to do it yet. Well, you can if you want. Can you have sex without kissing? That's.. I don't think that's ok. There's no rule, but a young girl's heart isn't ready for that. You have to kiss first. You're still first year of high school, so let's do it slowly. But don't ask her.

The next corner was "Machiko instruction manual" with the theme "how to care for it".

The next corner was "Machiko no dei", and Machiko read letters about bishoujo games.

There was a question by a listener who said that he couldn't play bishoujo games because of his family. Machiko suggested that he buy his own TV, lock the door, and play in his own room.

In the "Machirin's ai" corner, Machiko talked about her trip to Hokkaidou. She was really moved by the stars in the night sky.

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