To Heart - 1998.07.24

Machiko said that she bought a yukata for the first time in her life. She was going to wear one for work, so she went to the store. Usually there are some problems, as Machiko is too small, but there was a size called "strawberry size" (small, but not children's size) which fit her nicely. Machiko bought a pink one with purple flowers, and a yellow obi. There is a picture of Machiko wearing this yukata in Ani Raji Grand Prix magazine, August issue.

Machiko read many letters for the "heart ni smash" corner (although Machiko said "heart ni volley").

Machiko said that she liked the idol group Onyanko Club.

The next corner was "Machiko instruction manual" with the theme "how to care for it".

Machiko said that she felt happy because she's starting to get more letters from female listeners.

Machiko said that she gets depressed when someone mistakes the "shima" kanji in her name, especially on released products. She gave the Girls Be CD as an example..

The next theme for the instruction manual corner was "things sold separately".

The next corner was "Machiko no dei", and Machiko read letters about bishoujo games.

In the "Machirin's ai" corner, Machiko talked about writing "shochuu omimai" (summer greeting) letters.

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