To Heart - 1998.09.18

Machiko read the first letter in the "heart ni smash" corner in a very mature voice like a news reporter. The letter was about an article about seiyuu in an erotic magazine. He said that Machiko was featured in it. So one of the staff members got it, and Machiko looked for that article.

The next letter was about Machiko doing the role of Tattsuu. Machiko then did a quiz, using Tattsuu's voice. She wanted the listeners to guess what Tattsuu said.
[The only word that Tattsuu speaks is "tattsuu".]

A lot of listeners sent in letters complaining about Machiko wanting to change the name of her bicycle. On a different radio show, Machiko got pressured to change the name from "ichigo" to "nigou". But since she got so many letters, Machiko said that she will keep the name "ichigo".

Then Machiko read letters for the "Machiko no dei" corner. She read the letters with the opinions on how she should be used in the To Heart game. Some of the suggestions were animals, error messages. and the teacher.

The next corner was "Machirin's ai". Machiko had been thinking about buying a bed (for about 2 months). She has been looking, but she can't decide.

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