To Heart - 1998.09.25

Sandy (Machiko's dolphin)
Anata ga Iru kara (Toyoshima Machiko)
Machiko brought her "pet" dolphin, Sandy (a stuffed doll). Machiko made some dolphin sounds..

She thanked the people who came to her event on 9/19.

Machiko wants to wear mini-skirts this fall. But when she wears pleated mini-skirts, she looks like a student, and she doesn't like that. Machiko wants to have an adult mini-skirt look.

Houko said on a different program that Machiko lived in a great place, even though it was very far from the train station. But Machiko said that her apartment was a normal one-room apartment. She said that the bathroom and toilet are separate, so she likes that.

Machiko said that she was wearing a tank top, parka, jeans, and air max shoes.

The next corner was the "Machiko instruction manual", with the topic "the price". Someone said, "2810 yen". (^_^;)

Then she played her second single, Anataga Irukara.

The next corner was "Machiko no dei". There was a question about whether this radio show will end.. Then Machiko shouted out that this radio show will end next week.

Then Machiko announced that she will have a new radio show starting at 10/11 at 25:00 It will be 30 minutes on Bunka Housou, and 60 minutes on Radio Osaka. They still haven't decided on the title yet.

The next corner was "Machirin's ai". Machiko said that she got a portable phone recently.

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