To Heart - 1998.10.02

This is the final broadcast of this radio show.

Machiko said that it was getting cold recently..

Machiko said that she changed all of the clothes in her closet. She put away all her T-shirts and summer clothes, and brought out her fall and winter clothes.

In the "heart ni smash" corner, Machiko read some of the answers by the listeners for the "Tattsuu quiz". The real answer was that Tattsuu was sad that Machiko's radio show was going to end. But he became happy as Machiko was going to have a new radio show.

Then she read some normal letters.

Machiko said she usually sings or talks while she rides her bicycle. The other day, while she was saying some dialogue, somebody on another bicycle came by, and Machiko hurried to get away..

The next corner was the "Machiko instruction manual", with the topic "the price".

Then Machiko gave out the information for her new radio show, Toyoshima Machiko Earthly Paradise. Machiko will be giving out some information on KSS products, and also reading a lot of letters. It will be 25:00 - 25:30 on Sunday nights on Bunka Housou, and 25:00 - 26:00 on Radio Osaka. Machiko is slightly worried about the one hour format on Radio Osaka.

In the "Machiko no dei" corner, Machiko read out the entire cast of the To Heart game.

Multi Horie Yui
Kamigishi Akari Kawasumi Ayako
Nagaoka Shiho Higuchi Chieko
Kurusugawa Serika Iwao Junko
Himekawa Kotone Hikami Kyoko
Hoshina Tomoko Hisakawa Aya
Matsubara Aoi Iizuka Mayumi
Miyauchi Remi Kasahara Rumi

She said that she will continue to give out information about To Heart in her new radio show.

The last corner was "Machirin's ai". She talked about how she felt doing this radio show.

Machiko said that she will be at the Tokyo Game show, for the games Friends and Kaitou Ranma. She will also be appearing at the main stage on Sunday.

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