Voogie∏s Angel - 1996.05.13

NAME (Mitsuishi Kotono)
Dennou Sentai Voogie's Angel episode 20
Kotono: My photo and essay collection will go on sale soon. It's called Egao no Mukou Gawa.
Shocker Ohno: Is that the one you went to Okinawa?
Kotono: Yes.

Kotono and Shocker Ohno read letters for the new weapons corner.

Shocker Ohno: There were a lot of letters related to Merrybell's comet attack, like power ups. But I want to see some original ones.
Kotono: Please surprise us with some very powerful attacks.

Then they played NAME by Mitsuishi Kotono, which is the coupling song with Yarukkya Naiwa, the new single that goes on sale 5/21.

Kotono: We'll answer your questions!

Since there were many listeners who started listening from the middle, there were many things that they didn't know. So Kotono and Shocker Ohno explained about the corners that they had on the radio show.

  • new sentai corner (糠里骡コ〖ナ〖)
  • new weapons corner (排蔷里骡动步侯里コ〖ナ〖)
  • pet corner (エンジェルズˇペットˇコ〖ナ〖)
  • Rebecca's monologue corner (レベッカのひとり胳コ〖ナ〖)

But the listeners can make up more corners by sending in letters.

Q: Who is this old man with you?
Shocker Ohno: There is a young man here.. I don't see any old man.
Kotono: In the opening, he says he's the component writer of this show.
Shocker Ohno: That's it. Also I do things like stunt man..
Kotono: Also you do emcee at lots of events.

Then they had the Voogie's Angel drama episode 20.

After the drama, they had the Rebecca's monologue corner.

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