Voogie's Angel dictionary (A-Z)

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The cyborg codename for Voogie.

angel blade [エンジェル・ブレード]
The Angel's laser sword.

angel final buster
This was an attack where Voogie was put into Strikemyer, and fired off as the bullet.

Aquabase [アクアベース]
The underground cities that the humans have lived in since the SE had taken over the surface of the earth.


Basilisk [バジリスク]
SE's newest and most powerful robot.

One of Rebecca's favorite weapons.


comet attack [コメット・アタック]
Merrybell's attack where she uses her body as one huge energy ball.


dimension blaster
Strikemyer's attack. It was a strong attack, but since it used up Strikemyer's energy, it made him useless after the attack.

Dr. Crimt [ドクター・クリムト]
The mysterious scientist who created the cyborgs.

Dr. Nina Woodford
One of the scientists who works for Dr. Crimt.


grenade launcher
One of Rebecca's favorite weapons.


Information Center [統合情報センター]
The SE information center where Shiori worked.


Lady M [レディーM]
A SE robot that was built to combat the human cyborgs.
(drama 19, 20)

laser rifle
One of Rebecca's favorite weapons.

Leon Cougar
The director of the SE information center.

lightning scarlet
Voogie's attack.


The original prototype cyborg created by Dr. Crimt.
(drama 13, 14, 15, 16)

Matchbox [マッチボックス]
The SE computer base that controlled the security of the north.

Merrybell [メリーヴェル]
A 16 year old girl who had a double personality.

Michelle Summer
One of the SE workers under Leon.

Myer [マイヤー]
A taxi driver, who met Voogie. But he died in a car accident, and was rebuilt to be Strikemyer.

Midi Zagarl [ミディ]
A girl who rode in Strikemyer to analyze the data and provide communications.


psycho barrier [サイコ・バリアー]
Shiori's psychic power that creates a force field.

psycho radar [サイコ・レーダー]
Shiori's psychic power that she uses to search for things, people.
(drama 5)


Rebecca [レベッカ]
A 18 year old girl who was 90% machine, and an excellent fighter.


SE [space emmigrants]
Invaders from space that took over the surface of the earth.

Shiori [Tachibana Shiori] [栞]
A 17 year old girl with some psychic powers.

space emmigrants
Invaders from space that took over the surface of the earth.

sparkling tornado
Voogie's attack where she spins around like a tornado.

Strikemyer [ストライク・マイヤー]
A hyper vehicle that provides transportation, shelter, and communications for the Angels.


Tachibana Shiori [栞]
A 17 year old girl with some psychic powers.

Teddy Zaboy [テディー]
The mother super computer what managed everything about the SE.


UBM cohesion bomb
A bomb that releases a very sticky substance
(drama 5)


voice data [音声データ]
Voice sample data of the Angels were needed to enable the girls to control Strikemyer.
(drama 1)

Voogie [ヴギィー]
The 15 year old, self proclaimed leader of Voogie's Angel.

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