Merrybell (メリーヴェル) was a 16 year old member of Voogie's Angel.

Merrybell was 158 cm tall. Her favorite colors are yellow and pink. She liked cakes, chocolates, parfait, and fruits. Her hobbies are to go shopping and go eating.

Merrybell says:
I don't like fighting, and I'm bad at it. Also I'm no good with mecha. The other day I was using the gun the wrong way and blasted a hole in the ceiling of the lab.

Also everyone says I have a double personality, but I have no idea what they are talking about. Sometimes I loose my memory in the middle of the battle, and when I recover, everyone tells me that I caused all of the destruction. But I don't remember anything.

Merrybell's voice is done by Kikuchi Shiho (菊池志穂).

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