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  • Animage September 2008

    cover Animage September 2008
    on sale 2008.08.10
    This issue comes with a booklet on Code Geass R2.
    There is a 10 page (just bottom of the page) talk by
    Nazuka Kaori and Mizushima Takahiro.

    seiyuu content pages color
    Nakajima MegumiMacross F article1 P COLOR
    Endou AyaMacross F article1 P COLOR
    Ono Daisukearticle3 P COLOR
    Seki Tomokazuarticle1 P COLOR
    Namikawa Daisukearticle1 P COLOR
    Miki Shinichirouarticle1 P COLOR
    Nazuka KaoriCode Geass talk10 P COLOR
    Mizushima TakahiroCode Geass talk10 P COLOR

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