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  • Seiyuu Internet broadcasts

    The first seiyuu related Internet broadcasts began in late 1997 or early 1998. Many of them were audio broadcasts (like radio shows), but there were a few broadcasts with live (or taped) video.

    Unfortunately, it was hard to record these (none of them allow downloads), and the reception wasn't too good because of the lack of network bandwith in Japan at night (or poor performance of the server).

    In the early and mid 2000's, the number of seiyuu, anime, and game related broadcasts on the Internet really took off. There were more Internet broadcasts than radio shows.

    Recently, many radio and TV shows have simultaneous broadcasts or are rebroadcast/archived on the Internet, so the difference between Internet and radio/TV is starting to fade.
    There are many Internet broadcasts of seiyuu specials for TV anime.

    In addition to the radio and TV programs, more and more anime, game, and seiyuu events and press conferences are being broadcast on the Internet. The Tokyo Game Show, Anime Japan, various game events and tournaments, and various publisher's events in Akihabara have been broadcast live on the Internet recently.

    Some of the recent Internet broadcasts that I follow are as follows.

    dates Internet broadcast
    2012.11.13 - 2017.05.18 Anime Pia Channel
    2015.07.15 - 2015.12.21 Shawapan
    2015.10.09 - 2016.07.09 Smartphone Game Joshibu
    2016.01.11 - NOW Love Live Sunshine
    2016.04.29 - NOW Mon Dora Channel
    2016.07.08 - NOW Shawa Gohan
    2016.07.21 - 2016.10.27 Megami Radio
    2016.11.22 - NOW Where the Foooood
    2017.03.17 - NOW Bang Dream

    Some of the early Internet broadcasts that I followed were as follows.

    dates Internet broadcast
    1998.03.31 - 1998.10.01 Tsukiyo no Usagi Gumi
    1998.11.17 Inoue Kikuko CD single annoncement
    2000.09.?? - 2001.01 Anime Channel
    2000.10.?? - ????.??.?? Chara Ani
    2000.??.?? - 2001.12.22 Mahou de Night
    2001.06.08 - 2001.12.28 Idol 109 part 3 (Chara Ani)
    2003.03.13 - 200?.??.?? Cutie Radio
    2003.03.28 - 2003.06.18 Chori Wonton Radio
    ????.??.?? - ????.??.?? Caramel Town
    2005.??.?? - 2006.??.?? WebTV broadcasts from Art Place

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