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    2019 Oct 02
    Music Fair 9/27
    2019 Sep 16
    Shibuya no Oto and more FES.2019
    2019 Aug 19
    Seiyuu x Kaidan "Aka no Kaidan"
    2019 Aug 19
    Seiyuu x Kaidan "Kuro no Kaidan"
    2019 Aug 10
    AniGe Eleven 197
    2019 Jul 06
    Shikujiri Sensei 2019.07.01
    2019 Jun 05
    Bang Dream TV 47
    2019 Jun 01
    Bang Dream TV 46
    2019 Apr 05
    Girls Band Party 2 Shuunen Kinen SP 5
    2019 Mar 28
    Girls Band Party 2 Shuunen Kinen SP 4
    2019 Mar 22
    Girls Band Party 2 Shuunen Kinen SP 3
    2019 Mar 15
    Girls Band Party 2 Shuunen Kinen SP 2
    2019 Mar 09
    Sekai Summer Resort - 2019.03.02
    2019 Mar 08
    Girls Band Party 2 Shuunen Kinen SP 1
    2019 Feb 21
    News Zero - 2019.02.15
    2019 Feb 16
    Ariyoshi Japon - 2019.02.08
    2019 Jan 16
    Kemono Friends 2 episode 0
    2019 Jan 05
    Countdown TV Toshikoshi Premium Live
    2019 Jan 04
    Bang Dream TV 38
    2019 Jan 01
    Bang Dream TV 37

    Seiyuu Related TV shows

    The following are TV shows specifically for seiyuu, or have had quite a few appearances by seiyuu.

    Recently there are many pre-air (and post-air) specials featuring seiyuu for some of the late night TV anime.

    There are also some TV broadcasts of recorded seiyuu concerts.

    Some of the other miscellaneous seiyuu appearances since 2010 are as follows.

    date TV program seiyuu
    2012.01.02 Anison Plus Sphere, Nanamori Chuu Gorakubu
    2012.03.29 Milky Holmes Live Tour Digest Milky Holmes
    2013.02.08 Shibuya Deep A Hirano Aya, Hata Sawako
    2015.10.22 Animusu! Venus Project
    2015.12.05 Muse Koremade to Korekara Muse
    2016.05.26 Otona he Novel Mimori Suzuko, Iita Yuka
    2016.07.27 Nakai no Mado Iida Riho, Takao Yuki, Yamadera Kouichi, Kusao Takeshi, Koyama Rikiya
    2016.10.21 Naomi no Heya Ohhashi Ayaka, Inami Anju, Aida Rikako, Saitou Shuka, others
    2016.12.12 Hiru Kyun! Hata Sawako, Sadohara Kaori
    2017.03.17 Hiru Kyun! Hata Sawako, Takada Yuuki, Kouno Marika
    2017.04.14 Music Station Doubutsu Biscuits x PPP
    2017.07.22 Naomi no Heya Ogura Yui, Makino Yui
    2017.12.13 FNS Kayousai 2nd night Matsumoto Rica, Mizuki Nana, Hirano Aya, Doubutsu Biscuits x PPP, Aqours
    2017.12.22 Buzz Rhythm 02 Aqours
    2017.12.22 Music Station Doubutsu Biscuits x PPP
    2017.12.27 FNS Momo Kuro Utagassen Aqours
    2018.03.17 Naomi no Heya Uchida Maaya
    2018.06.28 Countdown TV Aqours
    2018.07.14 Ongaku no Hi Aqours
    2018.07.25 FNS Uta no Natsu Matsuri Aqours, Roselia
    2019.01.01 Countdown TV Aqours
    2019.02.08 Ariyoshi Japon Taketatsu Ayana
    2019.02.15 News Zero Inami Anju, Hanazawa Kana, Kaji Yuuji
    2019.03.02 Sekai Summer Resort Taketatsu Ayana
    2019.07.01 Shikujiri Sensei Taketatsu Ayana

    There is a table of some seiyuu appearances on TV in the 1990's and early 2000's.

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