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Seiyuu CDs (Discography)

You can browse through some of the seiyuu CDs (albums and singles) in the seiyuu database by looking at the CD covers with the seiyuu CD covers brower.

Recently [1990's and 2000's] many CDs by seiyuu have started to come out. The following are the types of CDs that have been released.

Solo CDs These CDs feature songs by an individual seiyuu. Some of them are all original songs, and not tied into any anime or game. Some others have some anime/game tie in songs that are sung by the seiyuu. Also many seiyuu have started to write the lyrics to their own songs.
CDs by groups of seiyuu These CDs feature songs by a number of seiyuu. Some of them are by seiyuu groups, where a number of seiyuu get together to form a group (usually anime or game related) and sing songs as a group. Others are collection CDs where a number of seiyuu sing solo songs, which are common to a certain theme (anime, game, or holiday).
Drama CDs These CDs contain audio drama. These drama can be original drama for CD, or those that were aired on the radio. Some of these CDs also contain a few songs, such as the opening, ending, and image songs for the drama.
miscellaneous CDs There are also other various types of CDs where the seiyuu play a major role. Some of them are set in a format similar to radio shows.

In addition to these CD albums, there are many CD singles featuring seiyuu.

The text databases containing seiyuu CD information are listed below.

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