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  • AnimeV December 1993

    cover AnimeV December 1993
    on sale 1993.10.26
    This issue comes with a booklet called "Goddess Family Club Visual Book".
    This is color and contains 11 pages of photos of the GFC (Inoue Kikuko,
    Touma Yumi, Hisakawa Aya). Also contains the lyrics of the GFC album.

    seiyuu content pages color
    Hisakawa AyaPeach Hips article, GFC visual book2+1/2+11 P COLOR/MONO
    Amano YuriCD article2 P MONO
    Kanemaru JunichiCD article1 P MONO
    Hayami Sholive article1 P MONO
    Inoue Kazuhikoevent article1/2 P MONO
    Sasaki Nozomuevent article1/2 P MONO
    Mitsuishi KotonoCyber Formula, Peach Hips article1/2+1/2 P MONO
    Tomizawa MichiePeach Hips event article1/2 P MONO
    Fukami RicaCD, Peach Hips event article1/2+1 P MONO
    Shinohara EmiPeach Hips event article1/2 P MONO
    Chiba Shigerutomodachi no wa1 P MONO
    Inoue KikukoGoddess Family Club visual book11 P COLOR
    Touma YumiGoddess Family Club visual book11 P COLOR

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