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  • Search results for "金田朋子" in anime database

    MaikaAir (TV) {Episode 10}Kaneda Tomoko (金田朋子)Air (TV) cast
    MinervaArad Senki Slap Up Party [2009]Kaneda Tomoko (金田朋子)Arad Senki Slap Up Party [2009] cast
    Mihama ChiyoAzumanga DaiouKaneda Tomoko (金田朋子)Azumanga Daiou cast
    Yamada AsuBinbou Shimai Monogatari [2006]Kaneda Tomoko (金田朋子)Binbou Shimai Monogatari [2006] cast
    RengeBusou Shinki [2012]Kaneda Tomoko (金田朋子)Busou Shinki [2012] cast
    MiniprinceDigital JuiceKaneda Tomoko (金田朋子)Digital Juice cast
    ChiikoFight Ippatsu Juuden-chan [2009]Kaneda Tomoko (金田朋子)Fight Ippatsu Juuden-chan [2009] cast
    GEAR taiin CGEAR Senshi Dendou (GEAR Fighter Dendoh) [2000]Kaneda Tomoko (金田朋子)GEAR Senshi Dendou (GEAR Fighter Dendoh) [2000] cast
    CynthiaHanaukyou Maid TaiKaneda Tomoko (金田朋子)Hanaukyou Maid Tai cast
    Saginomiya GinkaHayate no Gotoku [2009]Kaneda Tomoko (金田朋子)Hayate no Gotoku [2009] cast
    DezatorianHeartcatch PreCure [2010]Kaneda Tomoko (金田朋子)Heartcatch PreCure [2010] cast
    GyokuyouJuuni Kokki [2002]Kaneda Tomoko (金田朋子)Juuni Kokki [2002] cast
    AoitoLime iro Senkitan [2003]Kaneda Tomoko (金田朋子)Lime iro Senkitan [2003] cast
    LeticiaMadlax [2004]Kaneda Tomoko (金田朋子)Madlax [2004] cast
    Yoshikawa FuyunoMajikanoKaneda Tomoko (金田朋子)Majikano cast
    Elmoni (female)Master of Epic -The Animation Age [2007]Kaneda Tomoko (金田朋子)Master of Epic -The Animation Age [2007] cast
    Oribe AoiMyself; YourselfKaneda Tomoko (金田朋子)Myself; Yourself cast
    Tenko-chanOn chan [2008]Kaneda Tomoko (金田朋子)On chan [2008] cast
    MarieOnegai Teacher [2001]Kaneda Tomoko (金田朋子)Onegai Teacher [2001] cast
    Takahashi MayumiRe:Cutie Honey [2004]Kaneda Tomoko (金田朋子)Re:Cutie Honey [2004] cast

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