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  • Search results for "杉本ゆう" in anime database

    Black Delmo CAika [1997-1999]Sugimoto Yuu (杉本ゆう)Aika [1997-1999] cast
    biker chick ABakuretsu TenshiSugimoto Yuu (杉本ゆう)Bakuretsu Tenshi cast
    maidBleach {Ep. 10}Sugimoto Yuu (杉本ゆう)Bleach cast
    boyGakkou no Kaidan {Episode 7}Sugimoto Yuu (杉本ゆう)Gakkou no Kaidan cast
    ?Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex {GIG 2,Ep. 4}Sugimoto Yuu (杉本ゆう)Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex cast
    Kimura KeikoGilgameshSugimoto Yuu (杉本ゆう)Gilgamesh cast
    CatherineGintamaSugimoto Yuu (杉本ゆう)Gintama cast
    female announcerKenran Butou Sai: Mars DaybreakSugimoto Yuu (杉本ゆう)Kenran Butou Sai: Mars Daybreak cast
    barmaidKiddy Grade [2002-2003]Sugimoto Yuu (杉本ゆう)Kiddy Grade [2002-2003] cast
    female leaderKiddy Grade [2002-2003]Sugimoto Yuu (杉本ゆう)Kiddy Grade [2002-2003] cast
    information machineKino no Tabi (Kino's Journey)Sugimoto Yuu (杉本ゆう)Kino no Tabi (Kino's Journey) cast
    Sakumoto Manami/NamiManami & Nami Sprite [Sprite Between Two Worlds]Sugimoto Yuu (杉本ゆう)Manami & Nami Sprite [Sprite Between Two Worlds] cast
    cleaning personMeitantei Conan (Detective Conan) {episode 214}Sugimoto Yuu (杉本ゆう)Meitantei Conan (Detective Conan) cast
    Miyamoto YumiMeitantei Conan (Detective Conan) {episode 240-241,253-254,259}Sugimoto Yuu (杉本ゆう)Meitantei Conan (Detective Conan) cast
    Elfi HadiatRahXephon [2002]Sugimoto Yuu (杉本ゆう)RahXephon [2002] cast
    Tomoe's motherRozen Maiden [2004]Sugimoto Yuu (杉本ゆう)Rozen Maiden [2004] cast
    AkemiSaishuu Heiki Kanojo (She The Ultimate Weapon) [2002]Sugimoto Yuu (杉本ゆう)Saishuu Heiki Kanojo (She The Ultimate Weapon) [2002] cast
    ArisaSeikai no Monshou/Crest of the Stars [1999]Sugimoto Yuu (杉本ゆう)Seikai no Monshou/Crest of the Stars [1999] cast
    girlSeraphim Call [1999] {Episode 9}Sugimoto Yuu (杉本ゆう)Seraphim Call [1999] cast
    Neteru-kunTottoko Hamutarou [2000]Sugimoto Yuu (杉本ゆう)Tottoko Hamutarou [2000] cast
    Maido-kunTottoko Hamutarou [2000]Sugimoto Yuu (杉本ゆう)Tottoko Hamutarou [2000] cast
    girl ATouch Cross Road: Kaze no YukueSugimoto Yuu (杉本ゆう)Touch Cross Road: Kaze no Yukue cast

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