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  • Search results for "ݯ" in anime database

    YuriAngel Beats [2010]Sakurai Harumi (ݯ)Angel Beats [2010] cast
    radio voiceFutari ha Milky Holmes [2013] {ep 1}Sakurai Harumi (ݯ)Futari ha Milky Holmes [2013] cast
    Kohinata HayamiH2O -Footprints in the Sand- [2008]Sakurai Harumi (ݯ)H2O -Footprints in the Sand- [2008] cast
    SonkenKoihime Musou [2008]Sakurai Harumi (ݯ)Koihime Musou [2008] cast
    Musujime AwakiTo Aru Majutsu no Index [2008-2011] {II}Sakurai Harumi (ݯ)To Aru Majutsu no Index [2008-2011] cast
    Mikado RyoukoTo LOVE Ru Darkness [2012]Sakurai Harumi (ݯ)To LOVE Ru Darkness [2012] cast
    bookstore clerkYuyushiki [2013]Sakurai Harumi (ݯ)Yuyushiki [2013] cast

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