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  • Search results for "Akimoto.Yousuke" in anime database

    Store ownerAkiraAkimoto Yousuke (½©¸µحس²ً)Akira cast
    Newscenter stafferAppleseedAkimoto Yousuke (½©¸µحس²ً)Appleseed cast
    BorisArea 88 TV [2004]Akimoto Yousuke (½©¸µحس²ً)Area 88 TV [2004] cast
    PatrickBlack Jack [1995]Akimoto Yousuke (½©¸µحس²ً)Black Jack [1995] cast
    DortosBoukensha ni Naritai to Miyako ni Deteitta Musume ga S-Rank ni Natteta [2023]Akimoto Yousuke (½©¸µحس²ً)Boukensha ni Naritai to Miyako ni Deteitta Musume ga S-Rank ni Natteta [2023] cast
    captainCaptain Herlock: Outside Legend-The Endless OdysseyAkimoto Yousuke (½©¸µحس²ً)Captain Herlock: Outside Legend-The Endless Odyssey cast
    StalkerChijou Saikyou no Expert Team G.I. JoeAkimoto Yousuke (½©¸µحس²ً)Chijou Saikyou no Expert Team G.I. Joe cast
    Akagaki SaburouChinmoku no KantaiAkimoto Yousuke (½©¸µحس²ً)Chinmoku no Kantai cast
    SnakeCity Hunter {Episode 27,28}Akimoto Yousuke (½©¸µحس²ً)City Hunter cast
    TomomuraCity Hunter {Episode 42}Akimoto Yousuke (½©¸µحس²ً)City Hunter cast
    TravisEatman 98Akimoto Yousuke (½©¸µحس²ً)Eatman 98 cast
    KensouFight! RamenmanAkimoto Yousuke (½©¸µحس²ً)Fight! Ramenman cast
    Master AsiaG GundamAkimoto Yousuke (½©¸µحس²ً)G Gundam cast
    StalkerG GundamAkimoto Yousuke (½©¸µحس²ً)G Gundam cast
    de VillefortGankutsuouAkimoto Yousuke (½©¸µحس²ً)Gankutsuou cast
    Genjyo SorachiGasarakiAkimoto Yousuke (½©¸µحس²ً)Gasaraki cast
    AlbertoGiant RoboAkimoto Yousuke (½©¸µحس²ً)Giant Robo cast
    SteinerGundam 0080Akimoto Yousuke (½©¸µحس²ً)Gundam 0080 cast
    Dick AllenGundam 0083Akimoto Yousuke (½©¸µحس²ً)Gundam 0083 cast
    Musaka CaptainGundam Char's CounterattackAkimoto Yousuke (½©¸µحس²ً)Gundam Char's Counterattack cast
    JesterGungrave [2003]Akimoto Yousuke (½©¸µحس²ً)Gungrave [2003] cast
    doctorInukami!Akimoto Yousuke (½©¸µحس²ً)Inukami! cast
    DouziemeKiddy Grade [2002-2003]Akimoto Yousuke (½©¸µحس²ً)Kiddy Grade [2002-2003] cast
    Sigurd ClyneKidou Senshi Gundam Seed [2002]Akimoto Yousuke (½©¸µحس²ً)Kidou Senshi Gundam Seed [2002] cast
    InoKumo no Youni Kaze no YouniAkimoto Yousuke (½©¸µحس²ً)Kumo no Youni Kaze no Youni cast
    GeralKuro no Shoukanshi [2022]Akimoto Yousuke (½©¸µحس²ً)Kuro no Shoukanshi [2022] cast
    David MadoseinLast ExileAkimoto Yousuke (½©¸µحس²ً)Last Exile cast
    Leader of Patriotic KnightsLegend of Galactic HeroesAkimoto Yousuke (½©¸µحس²ً)Legend of Galactic Heroes cast
    LemlerLegend of Galactic HeroesAkimoto Yousuke (½©¸µحس²ً)Legend of Galactic Heroes cast
    GardiMachine RoboAkimoto Yousuke (½©¸µحس²ً)Machine Robo cast
    DagarMaetel Legend [2000]Akimoto Yousuke (½©¸µحس²ً)Maetel Legend [2000] cast
    village masterMagic Knight Rayearth {Episode 11}Akimoto Yousuke (½©¸µحس²ً)Magic Knight Rayearth cast
    detective AMaster Keaton [1998-1999]Akimoto Yousuke (½©¸µحس²ً)Master Keaton [1998-1999] cast
    EdaMeitantei Conan (Detective Conan) {Episode 19}Akimoto Yousuke (½©¸µحس²ً)Meitantei Conan (Detective Conan) cast
    NobukazuMeitantei Conan (Detective Conan)Akimoto Yousuke (½©¸µحس²ً)Meitantei Conan (Detective Conan) cast
    MaulerMonster [2004-2005]Akimoto Yousuke (½©¸µحس²ً)Monster [2004-2005] cast
    RocksteadyMutant TurtlesAkimoto Yousuke (½©¸µحس²ً)Mutant Turtles cast
    Wasabi JirouchouNarutoAkimoto Yousuke (½©¸µحس²ً)Naruto cast
    CanoraNoir [2001]Akimoto Yousuke (½©¸µحس²ً)Noir [2001] cast
    KerachiOrguss 02Akimoto Yousuke (½©¸µحس²ً)Orguss 02 cast
    RolandPLANETES [2003]Akimoto Yousuke (½©¸µحس²ً)PLANETES [2003] cast
    NalerofPlastic LittleAkimoto Yousuke (½©¸µحس²ً)Plastic Little cast
    RokudouPsychic ForceAkimoto Yousuke (½©¸µحس²ً)Psychic Force cast
    Hannibal QuasarSeiken no Blacksmith [2009]Akimoto Yousuke (½©¸µحس²ً)Seiken no Blacksmith [2009] cast
    ?Souten no kenAkimoto Yousuke (½©¸µحس²ً)Souten no ken cast
    GibsonSPT LayznerAkimoto Yousuke (½©¸µحس²ً)SPT Layzner cast
    Robert R.Stratos FourAkimoto Yousuke (½©¸µحس²ً)Stratos Four cast
    OgamTears to TiaraAkimoto Yousuke (½©¸µحس²ً)Tears to Tiara cast
    ViliusTenkai Knights [2014]Akimoto Yousuke (½©¸µحس²ً)Tenkai Knights [2014] cast
    KamimuraTouch [1985-1987]Akimoto Yousuke (½©¸µحس²ً)Touch [1985-1987] cast
    NiueUtawarerumono [2006]Akimoto Yousuke (½©¸µحس²ً)Utawarerumono [2006] cast
    Maggie's fatherVenus SenkiAkimoto Yousuke (½©¸µحس²ً)Venus Senki cast
    Bea-senseiWakakusa MonogatariAkimoto Yousuke (½©¸µحس²ً)Wakakusa Monogatari cast
    BelnauWatashi to Watashi -Futari no Lotte- [1991-1992]Akimoto Yousuke (½©¸µحس²ً)Watashi to Watashi -Futari no Lotte- [1991-1992] cast

    A total of 54 matches found.

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