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  • Search results for "Katsuda.Hisashi" in anime database

    EdBandar BookKatsuda Hisashi (ĵ)Bandar Book cast
    Dr. IzumiDaimosKatsuda Hisashi (ĵ)Daimos cast
    Dr. KawashimoJetter MarsKatsuda Hisashi (ĵ)Jetter Mars cast
    MandyJungle EmperorKatsuda Hisashi (ĵ)Jungle Emperor cast
    SteinhoffLegend of Galactic HeroesKatsuda Hisashi (ĵ)Legend of Galactic Heroes cast
    directorMegazone 23 {part I}Katsuda Hisashi (ĵ)Megazone 23 cast
    President NikiOishinboKatsuda Hisashi (ĵ)Oishinbo cast
    Louis XVRose of VersaillesKatsuda Hisashi (ĵ)Rose of Versailles cast
    Dr. OchanomizuTetsuwan Atom [1963]Katsuda Hisashi (ĵ)Tetsuwan Atom [1963] cast

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