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  • Search results for "Kawada.Shinji" in anime database

    ninja 12X2 ShinobudenKawada Shinji (Ŀ»)2X2 Shinobuden cast
    Ichiyanagi ShinFlag!Kawada Shinji (Ŀ»)Flag! cast
    Sergei Sneak IVGeneshaftKawada Shinji (Ŀ»)Geneshaft cast
    Horii KumonGetBackers [2002]Kawada Shinji (Ŀ»)GetBackers [2002] cast
    newspaper sellerKing of Bandits Jing OVA (Jing in Seventh Heaven)Kawada Shinji (Ŀ»)King of Bandits Jing OVA (Jing in Seventh Heaven) cast
    Chuck MustangMacross Delta [2016]Kawada Shinji (Ŀ»)Macross Delta [2016] cast
    Hokaze MinatoMahoromatic [2001]Kawada Shinji (Ŀ»)Mahoromatic [2001] cast
    TakizawaMezzo DSAKawada Shinji (Ŀ»)Mezzo DSA cast
    chounanMinamike [2007-2009 2013]Kawada Shinji (Ŀ»)Minamike [2007-2009 2013] cast
    KaiMushishiKawada Shinji (Ŀ»)Mushishi cast
    Aburame ShinoNarutoKawada Shinji (Ŀ»)Naruto cast
    Hanai HarukiSchool RumbleKawada Shinji (Ŀ»)School Rumble cast
    Sakakibara KoukiStarship Operators [2005]Kawada Shinji (Ŀ»)Starship Operators [2005] cast

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