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  • Search results for "Kobayashi.Michitaka" in anime database

    Transvestite 23x3 Eyes [1991-1992]Kobayashi Michitaka (̹)3x3 Eyes [1991-1992] cast
    YurgAkuma-kunKobayashi Michitaka (̹)Akuma-kun cast
    No. 22BaohKobayashi Michitaka (̹)Baoh cast
    Checkpoint GuardBubble Gum CrisisKobayashi Michitaka (̹)Bubble Gum Crisis cast
    OutriderBubble Gum Crisis {Episode 4}Kobayashi Michitaka (̹)Bubble Gum Crisis cast
    CaptainBubble Gum Crisis {Episode 5}Kobayashi Michitaka (̹)Bubble Gum Crisis cast
    YamadaBubble Gum Crisis {Episode 7}Kobayashi Michitaka (̹)Bubble Gum Crisis cast
    RydahCAROLKobayashi Michitaka (̹)CAROL cast
    RobertCleopatra D.C.Kobayashi Michitaka (̹)Cleopatra D.C. cast
    DomtonDangaioh {Episode 2}Kobayashi Michitaka (̹)Dangaioh cast
    Radio news announcerGiant RoboKobayashi Michitaka (̹)Giant Robo cast
    NakanishiGuyver [1989]Kobayashi Michitaka (̹)Guyver [1989] cast
    EricHello! Lady LynnKobayashi Michitaka (̹)Hello! Lady Lynn cast
    TonioLegend of Galactic HeroesKobayashi Michitaka (̹)Legend of Galactic Heroes cast
    NaeMadaraKobayashi Michitaka (̹)Madara cast
    TobaMagical Taruruuto-kun [1990-1992]Kobayashi Michitaka (̹)Magical Taruruuto-kun [1990-1992] cast
    Jyuuzou/KokushimaruMIROKUKobayashi Michitaka (̹)MIROKU cast
    AnnouncerNozomi Witches {volume 1}Kobayashi Michitaka (̹)Nozomi Witches cast
    MorrisRiding BeanKobayashi Michitaka (̹)Riding Bean cast
    ZairaRuri-iro PrincessKobayashi Michitaka (̹)Ruri-iro Princess cast
    MayaSaint Seiya [1985-1989]Kobayashi Michitaka (̹)Saint Seiya [1985-1989] cast
    Hitoshi-kunShonen AshibeKobayashi Michitaka (̹)Shonen Ashibe cast
    Yokose AkitsuguSouryuudenKobayashi Michitaka (̹)Souryuuden cast
    HighbrowTransformers: The HeadmastersKobayashi Michitaka (̹)Transformers: The Headmasters cast
    Urashima RyuuUrashimanKobayashi Michitaka (̹)Urashiman cast
    FukumotoYume Senshi WingmanKobayashi Michitaka (̹)Yume Senshi Wingman cast

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