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  • Search results for "Maruo.Tomoko" in anime database

    Yuki/NatsumiArielMaruo Tomoko (λ)Ariel cast
    GirlBaohMaruo Tomoko (λ)Baoh cast
    unnamed roleBattle AngelMaruo Tomoko (λ)Battle Angel cast
    Shintei PeterBikkurimanMaruo Tomoko (λ)Bikkuriman cast
    MegBubble Gum Crisis {Episode 5}Maruo Tomoko (λ)Bubble Gum Crisis cast
    AliceCAROLMaruo Tomoko (λ)CAROL cast
    ShinshinEllciaMaruo Tomoko (λ)Ellcia cast
    CheyGundam 0080Maruo Tomoko (λ)Gundam 0080 cast
    KayokoKarura Mau [1989]Maruo Tomoko (λ)Karura Mau [1989] cast
    Fukami ReikoKimagure Orange Road [1987-1988] {Message in Rouge}Maruo Tomoko (λ)Kimagure Orange Road [1987-1988] cast
    BarbaraLady LadyMaruo Tomoko (λ)Lady Lady cast
    CliffMahou no Princess Minky Momo Yume wo Dakishimete [1991-1992]Maruo Tomoko (λ)Mahou no Princess Minky Momo Yume wo Dakishimete [1991-1992] cast
    Mori TamaeMama ha Shougaku 4 NenseiMaruo Tomoko (λ)Mama ha Shougaku 4 Nensei cast
    OmitsuMasked Ninja AkakageMaruo Tomoko (λ)Masked Ninja Akakage cast
    first daughterOnikirimaru {Episode 4}Maruo Tomoko (λ)Onikirimaru cast
    waitressRiding BeanMaruo Tomoko (λ)Riding Bean cast
    CanioRomeo no Aoi SoraMaruo Tomoko (λ)Romeo no Aoi Sora cast
    LioRomeo no Aoi SoraMaruo Tomoko (λ)Romeo no Aoi Sora cast
    TodeenSailor Moon {Episode 99}Maruo Tomoko (λ)Sailor Moon cast
    Tsuzu MasanoriSailor Moon {Episode 107}Maruo Tomoko (λ)Sailor Moon cast
    young FioreSailor Moon {R movie}Maruo Tomoko (λ)Sailor Moon cast
    YuumaShonen AshibeMaruo Tomoko (λ)Shonen Ashibe cast
    BuutanTonde Buurin {Episode 4}Maruo Tomoko (λ)Tonde Buurin cast
    FireTransformers: VictoryMaruo Tomoko (λ)Transformers: Victory cast
    TatsuyaUshio to ToraMaruo Tomoko (λ)Ushio to Tora cast

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