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  • Search results for "Murozono.Takehiro" in anime database

    KuzuiBubble Gum Crisis Tokyo 2040Murozono Takehiro (͵)Bubble Gum Crisis Tokyo 2040 cast
    HarumaBubble Gum Crisis Tokyo 2040Murozono Takehiro (͵)Bubble Gum Crisis Tokyo 2040 cast
    soldierEatman {Episode 2}Murozono Takehiro (͵)Eatman cast
    King of LaquiosEien no AseriaMurozono Takehiro (͵)Eien no Aseria cast
    Katsuo (Bugrom)El HazardMurozono Takehiro (͵)El Hazard cast
    Miyanoshita ReiichirouGakkou no KaidanMurozono Takehiro (͵)Gakkou no Kaidan cast
    samuraiInuyasha [2000] {Episode 5}Murozono Takehiro (͵)Inuyasha [2000] cast
    ?Jungle de IkouMurozono Takehiro (͵)Jungle de Ikou cast
    villagerJuubei Ninpouchou (Ninja Scroll) (TV) [2003]Murozono Takehiro (͵)Juubei Ninpouchou (Ninja Scroll) (TV) [2003] cast
    samuraiJuubei Ninpouchou (Ninja Scroll) (TV) [2003]Murozono Takehiro (͵)Juubei Ninpouchou (Ninja Scroll) (TV) [2003] cast
    merchantJuubei Ninpouchou (Ninja Scroll) (TV) [2003]Murozono Takehiro (͵)Juubei Ninpouchou (Ninja Scroll) (TV) [2003] cast
    ?Meitantei Conan (Detective Conan) {episode 219}Murozono Takehiro (͵)Meitantei Conan (Detective Conan) cast
    Dan Takuma/KamarosNazcaMurozono Takehiro (͵)Nazca cast
    Shiga TsuyoshiOokiku Furikabutte [2010]Murozono Takehiro (͵)Ookiku Furikabutte [2010] cast
    RubberneckerPet Shop of HorrorMurozono Takehiro (͵)Pet Shop of Horror cast
    Amano ShigokiPretty Sami (TV)Murozono Takehiro (͵)Pretty Sami (TV) cast
    policemanSentimental Journey {Episode 1}Murozono Takehiro (͵)Sentimental Journey cast
    hotel personSentimental Journey {Episode 7}Murozono Takehiro (͵)Sentimental Journey cast
    masterSentimental Journey {Episode 8}Murozono Takehiro (͵)Sentimental Journey cast
    SinTEK executiveSin the MovieMurozono Takehiro (͵)Sin the Movie cast
    detective DSotsugyou Sailor Victory [1995]Murozono Takehiro (͵)Sotsugyou Sailor Victory [1995] cast
    PyleTenkuu no EscaflowneMurozono Takehiro (͵)Tenkuu no Escaflowne cast
    PriestTenkuu no Escaflowne {episode 2}Murozono Takehiro (͵)Tenkuu no Escaflowne cast
    Hunter ATenkuu no Escaflowne {episode 21}Murozono Takehiro (͵)Tenkuu no Escaflowne cast
    Soldier ATenkuu no Escaflowne {episode 23}Murozono Takehiro (͵)Tenkuu no Escaflowne cast
    TajimaTwilight of the Dark MasterMurozono Takehiro (͵)Twilight of the Dark Master cast
    shinmaVampire Miyu (TV) {Episode 2}Murozono Takehiro (͵)Vampire Miyu (TV) cast
    hospital directorYuugen Kaisha (Phantom Quest Corps)Murozono Takehiro (͵)Yuugen Kaisha (Phantom Quest Corps) cast

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