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  • Search results for "Tanaka.Masahiko" in anime database

    GequbecArc the Lad [1999]Tanaka Masahiko (田中正彦)Arc the Lad [1999] cast
    GaulinFull Metal Panic! [2001]Tanaka Masahiko (田中正彦)Full Metal Panic! [2001] cast
    Sanada YuujirouGadGuardTanaka Masahiko (田中正彦)GadGuard cast
    Fudou TakumaGetBackers [2002]Tanaka Masahiko (田中正彦)GetBackers [2002] cast
    Mashiba RyoHajime no IppoTanaka Masahiko (田中正彦)Hajime no Ippo cast
    Horiuchi TadashiHeartcatch PreCure [2010]Tanaka Masahiko (田中正彦)Heartcatch PreCure [2010] cast
    vampire priestHellsingTanaka Masahiko (田中正彦)Hellsing cast
    Richard ConnellyMaster Keaton [1998-1999]Tanaka Masahiko (田中正彦)Master Keaton [1998-1999] cast
    ImotoMeitantei Conan (Detective Conan) {Episode 53}Tanaka Masahiko (田中正彦)Meitantei Conan (Detective Conan) cast
    Detective OouraMeitantei Conan (Detective Conan) {episode 236-237}Tanaka Masahiko (田中正彦)Meitantei Conan (Detective Conan) cast
    YagisawaMeitantei Conan (Detective Conan) {Episode 255}Tanaka Masahiko (田中正彦)Meitantei Conan (Detective Conan) cast
    Dr. BoyerMonster [2004-2005]Tanaka Masahiko (田中正彦)Monster [2004-2005] cast
    BebopMutant TurtlesTanaka Masahiko (田中正彦)Mutant Turtles cast
    Kazekage-samaNarutoTanaka Masahiko (田中正彦)Naruto cast
    Wong SaiyoOutlaw StarTanaka Masahiko (田中正彦)Outlaw Star cast
    ImoriPocket Monsters Best Wishes [2010-2011]Tanaka Masahiko (田中正彦)Pocket Monsters Best Wishes [2010-2011] cast
    BergensScrapped PrincessTanaka Masahiko (田中正彦)Scrapped Princess cast
    Bokutou no RyuuShaman King [2001]Tanaka Masahiko (田中正彦)Shaman King [2001] cast
    JinenShin Hokuto no Ken (New Fist of the North Star)Tanaka Masahiko (田中正彦)Shin Hokuto no Ken (New Fist of the North Star) cast
    Carl HyutterUchuu no Stellvia (Stellvia of the Universe)Tanaka Masahiko (田中正彦)Uchuu no Stellvia (Stellvia of the Universe) cast

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