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  • Search results for "Kanamaru Hinako" in cd database

    TalkDragon Quest V CD Theater volume 1 (ECD-009/ISBN4-87025-771-8), 1994.10.19Kanamaru Hinako (金丸日向子)
    TalkSotsugyou Crossworld Prologue CD (Not For Sale), 1995.00.00Kanamaru Hinako (金丸日向子)
    SongIdol Project First Present (JSCA-29015), 1995.04.21Kanamaru Hinako (金丸日向子)
    Song/TalkSailor Victory Ongaku & Drama Shuu (APCM-5059), 1995.04.24Kanamaru Hinako (金丸日向子)
    SongSotsugyou Sailor Victory (APCM-5060), 1995.05.21Kanamaru Hinako (金丸日向子)
    Song/TalkIdol Project Crime Planning (JSCA-29024), 1995.10.21Kanamaru Hinako (金丸日向子)
    SongIdol Project Second Stage (JSCA-29038), 1996.05.24Kanamaru Hinako (金丸日向子)
    TalkMarriage -Kekkon CD Cinema 1 (VICL-8194), 1996.06.05Kanamaru Hinako (金丸日向子)
    TalkVoice Challenger Vol 1 -Sotsugyou hen- (NACL 1233-1234), 1996.08.21Kanamaru Hinako (金丸日向子)
    SongMcCow's Special "Ninki Seiyuu Vocal Shuu" (NACL-1271), 1997.01.21Kanamaru Hinako (金丸日向子)
    TalkSotsugyou Crossworld Drama CD (PCCB-248), 1997.02.21Kanamaru Hinako (金丸日向子)
    SongVoice Actress Best Song Collection 89-90 (APCM-5100), 1997.05.21Kanamaru Hinako (金丸日向子)
    TalkSotsugyou Vacation drama CD (PCCB-00277), 1997.09.03Kanamaru Hinako (金丸日向子)
    TalkYuukyuu Gensoukyoku 2nd Album drama CD vol 2 (PCCB-313), 1998.04.29Kanamaru Hinako (金丸日向子)
    SongIdol Project New Dream (KLCA-2003), 1998.10.28Kanamaru Hinako (金丸日向子)
    SongIdol Project REMIX Dance Dance Dance (KLCA-2006), 1998.11.26Kanamaru Hinako (金丸日向子)
    TalkYuukyuu Gensoukyoku ensemble drama CD 1 (PCCB-356), 1999.02.03Kanamaru Hinako (金丸日向子)
    TalkYuukyuu Gensoukyoku ensemble drama CD 2 (PCCB-362), 1999.03.03Kanamaru Hinako (金丸日向子)
    TalkWild Act (PICA-1205), 2000.05.26Kanamaru Hinako (金丸日向子)
    SkitYuukyuu Final Concert (SCDC-00048), 2000.10.18Kanamaru Hinako (金丸日向子)
    TalkYuukyuu Kumikyoku All Start Project drama CD 2 (SCDC-00043), 2000.10.18Kanamaru Hinako (金丸日向子)
    single TalkTalking About The Graduation [Sotsugyou Graduation] (MWDG-0003), 1994.07.31Kanamaru Hinako (金丸日向子)
    single SongDon't Stop!, 1995.02.24Kanamaru Hinako (金丸日向子)

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