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  • Search results for "浅野るり" in game database

    MintAnimal Magnetism [Win95, Win98]Asano Ruri (浅野るり)Animal Magnetism [Win95, Win98] cast
    Nonomura AliceBloody Roar -Primal Fury- [GameCube, Xbox]Asano Ruri (浅野るり)Bloody Roar -Primal Fury- [GameCube, Xbox] cast
    ?Dororo [PlayStation 2]Asano Ruri (浅野るり)Dororo [PlayStation 2] cast
    CocoGalaxy Angel [PlayStation 2, Windows, Xbox]Asano Ruri (浅野るり)Galaxy Angel [PlayStation 2, Windows, Xbox] cast
    KarenGrow Lanser [Playstation, PSP]Asano Ruri (浅野るり)Grow Lanser [Playstation, PSP] cast
    Ichimonji MutsukiHappy Lesson [Dreamcast]Asano Ruri (浅野るり)Happy Lesson [Dreamcast] cast
    Kirishima KoyomiMemories Off [Playstation]Asano Ruri (浅野るり)Memories Off [Playstation] cast
    ?Memories Off After Rain vol 1 [Playstation 2]Asano Ruri (浅野るり)Memories Off After Rain vol 1 [Playstation 2] cast
    Kirishima KoyomiMemories Off Complete [Dreamcast]Asano Ruri (浅野るり)Memories Off Complete [Dreamcast] cast
    Ninomiya HarukaSentimental Prelude [PlayStation 2]Asano Ruri (浅野るり)Sentimental Prelude [PlayStation 2] cast
    ?WILD ARMS the 4th Detonator [PlayStation 2]Asano Ruri (浅野るり)WILD ARMS the 4th Detonator [PlayStation 2] cast

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