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    DolchonovAnother Century's Episode 2 [PlayStation 2]Iizuka Shouzou (;)Another Century's Episode 2 [PlayStation 2] cast
    SaphArc the Lad -Seirei no Tasogare- [PS2]Iizuka Shouzou (;)Arc the Lad -Seirei no Tasogare- [PS2] cast
    Golan Draphan (Ganesha)Bloody Roar -Primal Fury- [GameCube, Xbox]Iizuka Shouzou (;)Bloody Roar -Primal Fury- [GameCube, Xbox] cast
    Llyod WilkensCaduceus New Blood [Wii]Iizuka Shouzou (;)Caduceus New Blood [Wii] cast
    NappaDragonball Z Budoukai [Playstation 2, Game Cube]Iizuka Shouzou (;)Dragonball Z Budoukai [Playstation 2, Game Cube] cast
    Ed BrownPolicenauts [3DO, PC 9821, Playstation, Sega Saturn]Iizuka Shouzou (;)Policenauts [3DO, PC 9821, Playstation, Sega Saturn] cast
    Master DragonPopolo Crois Monogatari II [Playstation]Iizuka Shouzou (;)Popolo Crois Monogatari II [Playstation] cast
    PositroRururi Ra Rura [PC FX]Iizuka Shouzou (;)Rururi Ra Rura [PC FX] cast
    GrahamShining Force Neo [Playstation 2]Iizuka Shouzou (;)Shining Force Neo [Playstation 2] cast
    Dr. AikawaYukiwari no Hana [Playstation]Iizuka Shouzou (;)Yukiwari no Hana [Playstation] cast

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